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  • Zwaluw Silicone – 1001U
    • A universal, durable, acetic curing and permanent elastic sealant. May be used in many areas of the industry, including cars, caravans, boats, sealing sanitary joints, almost anything with a surface.
  • Zwaluw Silicone – BB (Building and Glass)
    • A very high quality, durable, acetic curing and permanent elastic sealant based on silicone that is extremely temperature resistant, it can be used in temperatures ranging from -50°C to +180°C. Used in construction and meets any international building and glass specifications.

Both these sealants based on silicone are easy to apply and bond to many surfaces without a primer in any season (not paintable). These sealants are resistant to UV, water, moisture, discoloring and any weather condition.



  • Zwaluw Acryl – 1001U
    • A plasto–elastic sealant based on acrylic emulsion. Bonds to any material, even if it has a damp surface without a primer. Easy to paint with an alkyd resin and emulsion paints. Frost proof up to -15°C and not corrosive to metals. Used for interior, sealing cracks, splits. Not to be used for permanent wet places.
  • Zwaluw Acyrl Anti-Crack
    • A high quality paintable acrylic sealant based on emulsion that has a unique benefit of preventing craze cracking when painted. To be used to seal joints between metal and wooden frames, concrete and masonry. Joints between stairs and walls, ceiling/wall connections, skirting boards, windowsills, and aerated concrete. Not to be used for permanent wet places.


PU Foam

  • Zwaluw PU-Foam
    • A 100% (H)CFC–free, 1 – component, PU filler and expanding foam based on moisture curing polyurethane. It has fast curing, excellent filling and insulation properties. Used for filling of mounting and adjusting spaces between walls, frames and around prefab components.


      • Zwaluw High Tack
        • A high quality, strong, 1 – component adhesive with very high initial tack based on hybrid polymers. It eliminates the need for secondary support on the majority of its applications. This product is silicone free, isocyanate free and odorless. Once it is applied, the product reacts with the moisture from the air to create a durable rubber seal. Used in adhesion on panels, skirting boards, windowsills, strips, thresholds, mirrors and insulation materials in construction. Also used in body works, metal seams and adhesion in shipbuilding. Without a primer, Zwaluw High Tack bonds perfectly to many building materials such as glass, glazed surfaces, enamel, epoxy, polyester panels, polystyrene, hard PVC, stainless steel, anodized aluminium and lacquered wood. Paintable with water-based paints and most 2-c lacquers. 


    •     Zwaluw Hybrifix®
      •     A strong, durable, permanently elastic, all purpose adhesive and joint filler sealant based on hybrid         polymers. Has excellent adhesion to most substances, usually without primer. It is odorless and paintable     using suitable paints. Used as elastic adhesive in a wide range of industrial and construction applications.     For adhesion of PS and PU foam sheets, mirrors, natural stone, wooden and plastic laths and aluminium     strips which are used to absorb vibrations. Used in sealing joints in sanitary rooms, connecting joints in     structures, bodywork and container building sectors. It is paintable with a water based paint and most 2-c’s.
  • Zwaluw PU Stone Adhesive
    • A ready mixed, high quality polyurethane adhesive for adhesion of various types of stone, including gypsum blocks, aerated concrete blocks and sand-lime blocks. It is the best adhesive for fast, light and clean application, without the need to have any water or electricity around.
    • Advantages over traditional mortars: faster and cleaner to apply. Has a stronger bond and reaches its tensile strength after 1 day. It can be used on many surfaces. Simple, modern and ergonomic application. Lower logistic costs, low adhesive and consumption.


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