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Wood Working

Wood is the best material used to build furniture and other products we use today. However, wood is known to break and chip with time.
Karass Total Solutions offers a permanent elastic solvent-free wood repair system for any major or minor repairs. Karass Total Solution, the sole distributor in Dubai for Zwaluw Repox® by Den Braven, proudly offers:

  • Zwaluw Repox®
    • Used to repair any broken or rotting piece of wood. It can be used to repair any damage from 10mm to 20cm, with volumes of up to 1.5 litres.
  • Zwaluw Repox® Fast
    • Used to repair minor damages such as nail and screw holes, knots, longitudinal cracks, and other defects in old wood or recently manufactured wood. It can be used to repair damage from 3mm to 20mm.

Both these epoxy resins are applied straight from the cartridge using a standard sealant gun, with no primer needed in all seasons and weather conditions.


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